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The Rule of the Templars

Bohemond has been ably assisted this month by Kt Keith Howland of De Ros Preceptory, and  the Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard, who has been avidly reading this reference work by J M Upton Ward. He tells me that:

“This book presents for the first time an English translation of Henri de Curzon’s 1886 edition of the French Rule, derived from the three extant medieval manuscripts. Both Monastic rule and military manual, the Rule is a unique document and an important historical source.

The Rule is divided into seven main sections: The Primitive Rule, Hierarchical Statutes, Penances, Conventual Life, the Holding of Ordinary Chapters, Further Details on Penances, and Reception into the Order. There are details of the clothing, armour and equipment to which each Brother was entitled: instructions to the Brothers as to their conduct while on campaign , and information on the daily life of the members of this most influential military order, and on the monastic discipline which made it such a formidable fighting force.

The Rule evolved over almost one hundred and fifty years of the Order’s history and is thus a dynamic piece of work showing how the Templars adapted to political change and formulated their disciplinary code. An introduction gives the historical background to the Rule and summarises the various sections.

For anyone interested in genuine Templar history this one is a must for the bookshelf”

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