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Ranulf de Blondeville

Bohemond is immersed in historical study once more and has read this history of an English Knight who took the Cross only after establishing himself in England as a fearsome proponent of the Knights’ Art.

He served loyally both King Richard I and King John, refusing to sign Magna Carta for fear of appearing to have broken his oath to a King.

In 1218 he took the Cross and served on Crusade in the Holy Land earning himself a reputation as a great leader of men as well as covering himself with glory and winning the admiration and praise of the Pope in Rome.

After returning to England he used his experience of war to build great castles and his diplomacy secured economic     prosperity for much of the English Midlands. At the age of 60 he returned spectacularly to the field of battle in France and died at the height of his fame in 1232 and even Henry III rushed to be at his bedside. It was said in France that the Devil himself had thrown his soul out of Hell such was the renowned Christian goodness of this Crusading Knight who wore the Templar Cross. Ranulph’s story is thrillingly told by Soden in a book that you will find difficult to put down!                          

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