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The Province has a new closed Facebook Group.

The Provincial Prior in formally launching the initiative said, ‘together with my team of Provincial Officers we have been working hard to keep the Province ticking over and keeping you informed of what is happening. I am encouraged how so many of you have been participating in Virtual Business Meetings’.  He then went on to say, ‘we have, for some time, been exploring the possibility of setting up an official Closed Facebook Group as just another way of keeping in touch and providing a platform for you to take part in discussions on Knights Templar matters.  Such a group is now up and running and first indications are that it is working very well with over 65 members. I fully support this initiative and I encourage you to join in and take an active part.  I do hope you will be able to make use of this method of communication to keep in touch with your fellow Knights and share your knowledge and experiences’.

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