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As Provincial Prior I’m pleased to welcome you to the website for the Provincial Priory of West Yorkshire, and hope you find it helpful and informative.

We are rightly proud of our history and our traditions, but we are quite clear that the Masonic Order of Knights Templar has no direct links with the medieval Order – although our regalia is based on the clothing worn by them, and our ceremonies recall the history and activities of that Order.  Nor does it have any direct links with the various other modern Orders which keep alive the traditions and practices of the medieval Knights.

Membership is open to those who are both Craft and Royal Arch Masons, and also profess the Christian Faith.

There are two degrees in the Order, namely – Knights Templar and Knights of Malta.   As in all Masonic Orders, the ceremonial in the Orders of the Temple and of Malta is not only beautiful, but has profound symbolic meaning.  Any qualified Mason would find it a most enjoyable and rewarding further dimension of his Masonic life.

I hope that in visiting this site, either as a member or interested visitor, that you will enjoy the content and gain a greater understanding of the United Orders and our activities in the Province of which we are all proud.

Hearl R Lenton

Provincial Prior

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