Provincial Priory of West Yorkshire

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Welcome to the Home Page of the Website for the Provincial Priory of West Yorkshire, which I hope will be of both value and interest to the Knights of the Province, and to those Freemasons who wish to learn more and might be thinking of expanding their Masonic experience by joining this international fraternity, whose existence can be identified for nearly two and a half centuries.

The Masonic Knight Templar Province of West Yorkshire is a Christian Order of Freemasonry which far exceeds the boundaries of that administrative region, reaching from the town of Skipton and the Pennine Hills in the West to Pontefract and the Doncaster coalfields in the East, from the spa town of Harrogate in the North to the industrialised City of Sheffield in the South and to Todmorden in the South-West.

There are 24 Knights Templar Preceptories in the Province yielding some 500 members and whilst being an active member in your own Preceptory, encouragement to visit other Preceptories is a fundamental trait of our Order.

As this website develops we will keep all Knights updated with past and future events in the Province and my senior team and I hope that you will regularly avail yourself of the information and activities included herein. As you browse through these pages I hope that you will find something of interest, be you a Knight of the Province or a visitor to our website.

Hearl R. Lenton, Provincial Prior.